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About me

Hi, I’m Achref. I’ve been developing apps for iPhones and iPads since 2014. I’m an entrepreneurial App Developer & Consultant. I've been working on exciting and diverse projects for my clients. Experienced as I am, I’ve also attained a wealth of knowledge of consumer and enterprise app distribution.

I’m good at communicating with clients, developers and designers (those with and without technical knowledge). I listen to my clients and am proud of myself on a strong attention to detail.

Before becoming a freelancer I worked as an iOS developer for a company developing a multi-tenancy sales rep iPad App. There I’ve obtained an eye for detail, appreciation for software design, knowledge of architecting and of working with large databases. I've alose learned how to efficiently manage projects and work with clients and teammates successfully.

I maintain a high-quality standard for my code. Writing code that is documented and easy to read means it can be maintained and scaled in the future and allows co-workers to quickly work with it.

Xcode / App publishing



Existing project / code's inventory. Tips and advices for tools and technical work's environment. Advice / choice of from scratch project's architecture. UI and UX suggestions.

iOS App

Native iOS App development (Objective-C & Swift). High code quality standard. Documented and easy to read code. IBDesignable classes and IBInspectable properties means a readable xibs and storyboards.

App publishing

Certificates, AppIDs and provisioning profiles management. App archiving and distribution (apple store and enterprise).

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My work

I have worked on dozens of projects so I have picked only the latest for you.


SFV Frame Data

Providing up-to-date Frame Data of Street Fighter 5 for professional players.

Swift 5, CoreData, git, CocoaPods, Alamofire, StickyButton

SFV Frame Data provides frame data for a fight video game called Street Fight 5. A frame is basically 1/60 seconds and each hit in the game has three phases : startup, active and recovery frames. This App provides all data of all inputs of all characters of the game. SFV app has a built-in import data manager allowing it to update it's data when an update is available. It can simply be done by pressing the Update button in the home screen.

SFV Frame Data uses a pod named StickyButton as menu for the app, it's handy, light and highly customizable. The StickyButton pod is developed and maintained by myself. The frame-data's view uses a custom UICollectionViewFlowLayout which allows the collection view to have fixed rows and columns.

SFV Frame Data is compatible with iOS 11 and above, all screens can be used in landscape mode and it fully supports the iOS 13 dark mode. It's also compatible with all iPhones from iPhone 5s to the latest one, all iPads from the iPad mini 2 to the latest including the iPad Pro and the iPod touch 6th generation.

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Sales rep mobility App

Swift 4, Swift 3, Objective-C 2.0, CoreData, CocoaPods, git / SourceTree

ProaAction helps sales rep access customer portfolio, turnovers, targets and achievements. It allows taking control of commercial operations and also order placement.


Sales rep mobility App for order placement

Objective-C 2.0, git / Tower 2, CoreData, C

An application for order placement & customer relationship management which works in offline mode and which is interfaced with Sales Management

izOrder is also :
  • Enriched item catalog
  • Comprehensive client sheets
  • ADVAdvanced order placement
  • Activities's monitoring
  • Reports & statistics
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    Cultural guide for the curious who thirst for discovery

    Objective-C 2.0, CoreData, git / SourceTree, CocoaPods, AFNetworking

    Want an app that can help you discover cultural activities and multimedia content that resembles you? Whether you are at home or in a city you do not know, Divercities accompanies you and makes you think outside the box. Personalized proposals for activities, online agenda, ticketing, off-line mode: we thought of everything but especially you!

    Do you just want to listen to music that suits your mood, profile and tastes? Do not be interrupted by advertising? Divercities also offers personalized and unlimited radios that will make you discover new artists without taking the lead.

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    Discovery of personalized cosmetics according to the user's criteria and preferences.

    Objective-C 2.0, CoreData, git / SourceTree, CocoaPods, AFNetworking

    Whisper to Biutag who you are, what you love and let you guide. The app opens the door to a wonderful world: a beauty concentrate selected with care, just for you. Biutag is personalized cosmetic product recommendations, affinity profiles, exclusive offers and the in-store ability to scan a product to see if it matches your profile.

    Thanks to the community, you can draw cosmetic inspiration from the vanity of bloggers, beauty professionals and women who look like you. Their opinions, notes and comments guide you in all your cosmetic choices. Biutag accompanies you from the bathroom to the store and tells you where to "shop" your favorite products.

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    Loyalty card program
    "The account that pays !"

    Swift 3, git / SourceTree, CocoaPods, Alamofire 4

    SoShop.Club, fully connected. After activation online, you benefit:

  • A current account without overdraft
  • MasterCard - International Payment Card
  • A bank account identity available immediately from the application
  • Cashback offers with 3,000 merchant partners
  • SoShop.Club, A powerful cashback offer! Check offers and refunds from the SoShop.Club partner benefits program. Geolocate your partner merchants directly from the app. Discover the latest exclusive offers from partners.

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    Sticky Button

    A sticky floating action button for iOS.

    Swift 5, Xcode 11, git, CALayer, Autolayout

    This project is inspired by the Floaty project which was inspired itself by the KCFloatingActionButton. Basically i wanted what the Floaty button does with more functionalities and flexibility.

    StickyButton has the following features :

  • Fully customizable
  • Works in both Swift and Objective-C projects
  • Interface builder support
  • User friendly
  • RLT support
  • Supports swipes for side changes
  • Accessibility ready and customizable
  • Supports interface orientation changes
  • Provides a global instance for all screens compatible with UIWindowSceneDelegate and iOS 13
  • CocoaPods Github


    The administration web portal for izOrder

    Zend Framework 2, PHP 7, html 5, css 3, git, Composer

    izLinks is a backoffice for izOrder (a mobility iPad app). It can be used as a bridge between ERP and izOrder app or can also be used as mini-ERP as well.

    Manage your izOrder data online with the Saas platform. Benefit from the native synchronization stream with your sales team's tablets. Without interfacing with your Sales Management.

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