You are a SFV's fan ? No matter if you are a Rookie or a Master this app is made for you Check it out

SFV Frame Data is your best companion for competitions and tournaments.

This mobile-friendly app puts the frame data of each character right at your fingertips. Always up-to-date which makes it your perfect companion wether you are playing home or competing in a tournament.

The fastest, cleanest and most accurate frame data App for SFV

Why choose SFV Frame Data

Focused on UX
SFV Frame Data is very simple and clean app. I tried to make the user interface as simple as possible without forgetting the design. It fully supports iOS 13 dark mode and uses and awesome and unique menu button.
You will love it
Using it means adopting it. SFV Frame Data is a free app without ads and it is compatible with iPad as well. It comes with an integrated import data manager which allows the users to always have the latest frame data.
Made by a fan for fans
SFV Frame Data is an app made by myself Achref Marzouki and i am already a big fan and a player as well AchGouki. I think that an app is more convenient to use than a website specially when it comes to competitions.

SFV Frame Data Highlights

Always up-to-date

SFV Frame Data has a buil-in import data manager which allows users to have always data up to date. No need to update the app through the App Store, just hit the sync button in the home page.

iPad compatible

SFV Frame Data is available on iPad as well for more confort. The screen is bigger that means more columns shows up in the most important screen of the app.

It's Free

I usually don't like apps with Ads and since i am fan of SFV i want to allow each player to access the latest frame data without any cost. So yes it's Free & there is no Ads.

Dark Mode

SFV Frame Data fully supports iOS 13 dark mode. If you are using the app during the night you will appreciate it and it will thereby reduce the strain on your eyes.

Accurate & easy to use

SFV Frame Data has the most accurate and up to date frame data. No unnecessary information or features because i wanted to keep it clean and fast. It is very easy to use and has a user-freindly interface.

Ready to try your new companion for Street Fighter V ?

Try SFV Frame Data Today. You will be amazed by its speed and its simplicity. How unsafe is a stand HP ? How can you punish E. Honda's Hundred Hand Slap ? What would be the best frame trap against Ryu ? Stop asking and download SFV Frame Data.
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